Call for Symposia - 28th IOC

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The International Ornithologists’ Union and South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natal – Call for Symposia
Submission Deadline: 3 September 2020

The International Ornithologists’ Union (IOU) together with the University of KwaZulu-Natal invites you to submit a Symposium Proposal for the 28th IOCongress® in Durban, South Africa, 14–20 August 2022. The IOCongress® is the world’s largest summit on avian biology since its first congress in 1884 (

Symposia are aimed at the general ornithologist and provide up-to-date coverage of research in ornithology and its application for conservation and education. All topics related to research on birds are acceptable (e.g., behavioural ecology, physiology, functional morphology, palaeontology, systematics, biogeography and evolution, etc.). Symposia are an opportunity for an integrated synthesis of topics that will have broad appeal at the IOCongress®.

For the IOCongress 2022, we have broadened the symposium formats that can be proposed. The options are as follows: (1) The traditional IOCongress symposium that includes two keynote speakers and three oral presentations. The three oral presentations will be selected by the symposium co-conveners from abstracts that have been submitted for consideration to their symposium (the call for contributed paper will be sent out in early 2021). Typically keynote speakers have 20 min (plus 4 min questions), while the oral presentations have 15 min (plus 4 min questions) each. One of the keynote speakers ought to summarize the global progress of ornithological science in the field over the last four years and address priorities for future research; (2) Review symposia that will include five invited talks that review a subject from different perspectives; and (3) Pioneering symposia in alternative formats that are proposed by the symposium conveners.

Each symposium should be planned and organized by two co-conveners from different countries and, preferably, different continents. The co-conveners may serve as keynote speakers themselves or may invite keynote speakers. Co-conveners may organize only one symposium at an IOCongress®. As a general rule, each IOCongress® participant may speak only once (i.e., either at a symposium or at an oral session), but there are no restrictions as to the number of Posters or Round-Table Discussions an IOCongress® participant may present or organize, respectively. Calls for abstracts for posters and oral contributions, Round-Table Discussions, and workshops will follow in early 2021.

Instructions for the preparation of symposium proposals:

  • Title of the symposium
  • Names, institutional affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and web page addresses of the co-conveners
  • Objectives, significance, and appropriateness for an IOCongress® symposium (Max 300 words).
  • Names, institutional affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and web page addresses of the keynote or invited speakers, respectively.
  • Titles and summary of the contributions of the keynote speakers.
  • Format of symposium: Traditional, Review, or Pioneering.

The symposium co-conveners will be notified of the receipt of their proposal. The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the members of the multidisciplinary and international Scientific Program Committee (SPC). The final acceptance, with possible modifications, will be decided in October 2020, and the co-conveners will be notified shortly thereafter.

Once a proposal has been accepted, the title and abstract describing the symposium, the symposium co-organizers, and the abstracts of the keynote contributions will be posted on the IOCongress® 2022 website. Subsequently, a call for abstracts for contributed papers (i.e., Symposium contributions, contributions for an Oral Session, or posters) will be posted. The symposium co-organizers will be given access to the abstracts after the deadline for abstract submissions.

By submitting a proposal for a symposium, the co-conveners and keynote speakers are making a firm commitment to attend the 28th IOCongress® in Durban. The IOCongress® 2022 is not in a position to provide any financial assistance to symposium co-conveners or contributors. Students, as well as participants from low-income countries, however, will have the opportunity to apply for travel support through the IOCongress® 2022 web page.

The abstracts of all contributions will be published on-line, in a program booklet that can be purchased, and possibly as a supplement to a regular ornithological journal. The keynote speakers are expected to submit manuscripts of their contributions to the IOC Proceedings, which will be published within a year of the IOCongress® 2022.

For more information on the IOCongress® 2022 programme, please contact Joanne Bezuidenhout at .

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